Example Projects

The ‘Example Projects’ database provides an example of how database items can be arranged into organized, logical hierarchies. When you create your own database items, organizing them in a similar way will help users to find items and understand the relationships between points, outstations, channels, displays, and so on.

The Example Projects database is available as part of the installation procedure.



The Example Projects database can only be installed at Root Group level within a database. It contains security settings, which might affect the configuration of an existing database.

We recommend that the Examples Project database be installed as a standalone server and used only for training and in conjunction with the Tutorial material

Failure to follow these instructions can result in unexpected configuration changes.

The ‘Example Projects’ database contains a collection of items that Schneider Electric have created to imitate how a real, working Geo SCADA Expert database could be configured and is designed to show you how various features can be configured, including:

A Tutorial based around the database is provided. For more information, see the topics that are listed in the gray footer section at the bottom of this topic. Select the relevant entry to display the topic that you require.


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