Full Install

When you select Full (Recommended) on the Choose Setup Type ‘page’ of the Geo SCADA Expert Installer, the following components will be installed:

These components include the Geo SCADA Expert server, ViewX Client, WebX Client (for Original WebX), Data Access (for OPC, ODBC, OLEDB, Web and COM connections), and many of the available drivers. When installed, this will allow Geo SCADA Expert server and one ViewX client to run on the machine.

* The Crystal Reports client component is only included if the SAP Crystal Reports runtime components have been installed.

The SAP Crystal Reports runtime components are NOT installed by default. If you intend to install them you must purchase a Crystal Reports runtime license for each server on which these components are to be operational (clients do not need a license to use the runtime components). For servers on which the runtime components are operational, the Crystal Reports runtime license is included with the Geo SCADA Expert Crystal Reports driver license. Please contact your Schneider sales representative for more information.

If you intend using Crystal Reports on your system, you also need to install the Crystal Reports prerequisites and driver on any Permanent Standby servers, in order for the Geo SCADA Expert database to synchronize. However, as the Permanent Standby Geo SCADA Expert servers do not require the Crystal Reports driver to be operational, they do not require a Crystal Reports runtime license. (On the Modules tab on the Server Status Tool of such servers, the Crystal Reports driver will show a red 'No License' state due to the lack of runtime license. This is expected on Permanent Standby servers. On all other servers on systems that use Crystal Reports, the Crystal Reports driver and runtime components must be licensed.)

If additional drivers are required, you will need to use the Custom install option (see Custom Setup).

The Area of Interest Cleaner utility is installed as part of the ViewX component.

When you choose the Full (Recommended) option, the Geo SCADA Expert Installer proceeds to the Super User Account ‘page’ automatically (see Create a Super User Account).


Geo SCADA Expert 2020