Geo SCADA Expert

ClearSCADA logs all occurrences on your system, creating an audit trail for system operation and reporting. Events are the records of these occurrences on your system. ClearSCADA logs events, for example, for each user interaction with the system, and for automatic system occurrences such as alarms, point updates, scheduled archiving, and so on. ClearSCADA logs the events in the Event Journal. These occurrences can be viewed by displaying an Events List.

ClearSCADA raises alarms when an indication of an abnormal condition detected. ClearSCADA will raise an alarm, for instance, if communications with an outstation fails, or if a scheduled dial in window is missed. Additionally, items in your database may be configured to operate within certain limits, and if such an item returns values that are outside those limits, ClearSCADA may be configured to raise an alarm to indicate that occurrence. When an alarm is raised, it is added to the Alarms List and the Alarm Banner.

A ClearSCADA provides mechanisms to query and list different aspects of the system including alarm activity, event activity, database object information and historical point data. When a list queries is performed, ClearSCADA uses SQL to query the database and retrieve the data that is required. The entries in the List are then returned and displayed in colours that define their state and status.