Geo SCADA Expert

ClearSCADA provides a command line utility that allows users to start and stop the server, as well as perform a number of other management tasks. This utility, named scxcmd.exe, can be found in the program installation directory.

ClearSCADA Command Line Utility
Usage: scxcmd \[options] command
For a full and up to date list of options available, run scxcmd -?.

scxcmd Options

Option Description
-s server[:port] Connect to specified server and port. Defaults to localhost:5481
-u user Log on with specified user name
-p password Log on with specified password
-h, -? Display the help for scxcmd


Command Description
START DB Start or repair the database if necessary (i.e. when in Invalid Configuration state).
START driver Start the specified driver.
START DRIVERS Start all drivers.
STOP SERVER Stop the server.
STOP driver Stop the specified driver.
STOP DRIVERS Stop all drivers
RESTART driver Restart the specified driver.
RESTART DRIVERS Restart all drivers.
COMPRESSDB Compress the database.
SETLOG {DB | driver} options Set the logging options for the database or specified driver
ADDLOG {DB | driver} options Add logging options to the database or specified driver
REMLOG {DB | driver} options Remove logging options from the database or specified driver
SHOWLOG {DB | driver} options Show logging options for the database or specified driver.
SHOWDIAG diag Show the specified diagnostic page. Use SHOWDIAG HELP to display a list of available diagnostics.
SHOWSTATE Show the current server state
HISDUMP filename Dump contents of historic file
HISFLUSH Perform historic flush.
HISGEN Generates Historic Data for performance testing.
HISINFO filename [Recurse] Counts duplicates and deleted records in a historic file.
HISSTRIP filename [Recurse] Removes duplicates and deleted records from historic file.
SETSYSTIME DB Set server clock to specified SystemTime
GETSYSTIME DB Get server clock as SystemTime