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Recent upgrade or new installation of ClearSCADA 2010 R2 may cause user to unable to use Client Configuration Manager application to apply Client license file or register new connections to other ClearSCADA server.  Even with user that has Full Administrator rights in Windows, the ClientConfig does not run by default using the administrator rights.  Below are some of the symptoms that may occurs when Windows User Access Control (UAC) is ON in Windows 7 and running Client Configuration Manager application.  Solutions are provided below.

Symptom 1: ClientConfig dialog message showing "Failed to register server localhost" 

Symptom 2: Unable to attached the Valid Client Licensing.

Symptom 3: Once open clicking on Sockets button will cause popup dialog


Step 1: Choose Run as administrator for ClientConfig.exe in ClearSCADA program path:
For instance, on Window 7 64-bit OS, at C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA

Step 1a:  It is possible to set this ClientConfig.exe properties to have Compatibility with Privilege Level to Run this program as an administrator.  Right mouse click on the ClientConfig.exe then choose Properties then open Compatibility tab and checked Run this program as an administrator.  Also, may do the same for Settings for all users.

Step 2: Choose Yes on Windows User Account Control prompt.
Note: Notice that no error dialog pop-up this time.

Note: Repeat Step 1 from this solution to add/modify ClearSCADA Client Configurations for ViewX.

  1. Jan 16, 2012

    Anonymous says:

    You can also face this issue on a Windows Server 2008R2

    You can also face this issue on a Windows Server 2008R2