Geo SCADA Expert

When installing ClearSCADA, it is possible that the installer may fail for some reason.  There are a number of ways to find out more information about the installation and the failure.

There are a few simple things to check:
For an explanation of the error code, check the following page -

If this does not provide any helpful information, msiexec.exe (Windows Installer Service), used to install ClearSCADA, can be run in a logging mode to log the installation process.

An example of the command line string used to call this application is:

C:\ClearSCADA>msiexec.exe /i ClearSCADA.msi /l\* c:\logfile.txt

where C:\ClearSCADA\ is the location of the file ClearSCADA.msi

The /i parameter specifies the name of the package to install.

The /l* option specifies that all logging options should be enabled (except verbose output and extra debugging options)

Further command line switches can be found by simply running msiexec.exe from a command prompt, however suggested settings for ClearSCADA are as shown above.

Full details of the use of msiexec.exe can be found at -

Once you have run the installer, send the logfile.txt file to your local support representative for investigation.