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Schneider Electric Software is proud to announce the release of EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert 2020, the newest version of our successful SCADA Host software.

Bringing increased efficiency in remote asset management, Geo SCADA Expert 2020 is a release that delivers a range of features and updates for new and existing users.

All users upgrading to this release will require a new license file available from customer support, and if upgrading WebX to Virtual ViewX you will also need Virtual ViewX licenses. These are required for both server and client upgrades. See the notes available here for further information.

New Product Features

Ethernet/IP Driver – supporting Allen Bradley devices with tag browsing

Extended Mobile Functionality – adding Search, execute Methods such as RTU refresh

Realflo – support 6.96 and 7


  • SCADAPack E  – Support more SCADAPack E functions
  • SCADAPack 470 Support – create and manage 470 devices similar to 57x
  • SCADAPack x70 – Adding more configuration features

New Networking Features

  • Server/Client IPv6 – support IPv6 communications for server sync and client connections
  • Single TCP Client Connection – ViewX clients will connect outgoing only, adding security and ease of setup
  • Authenticated Server-Server and Server-Client Connections – Add certificates to authenticate client/server connections

Configurable Tab names – for mimic and trend displays

Automatic Database Backup  - on upgrade

Database Performance Displays – enable customers to find ‘noisy’ data sources

Virtual ViewX File Download – document download from web clients

Permissions for Permanent Standby Servers – enhanced security

Further Information

It is recommended that prior to installing or upgrading your ClearSCADA version, you read the linked pages below for instructions and any Known Issues with this version.

For any problems with upgrading ClearSCADA and Geo SCADA Expert, please contact our Technical Support Department at or through contact details shown here.

Downloads of supported releases of ClearSCADA are available via SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Support.