Geo SCADA Expert

During normal operation, ClearSCADA maintains a number of log files that records the recent activity of various ClearSCADA components. These log files can provide valuable insight when diagnosing problems.

These are some of the logs generated by ClearSCADA's server components:

  • Server logs (like DB_001.log)
    This logs activity associated with DBServer including database access, processing of client requests, execution of logic, main-standby synchronisation, etc.
  • Startup Logs
    Logs information about DBServer's startup
  • Driver logs (like DriverDNP3_001.log)
    This logs activity associated with individual driver modules.
  • Comms and IO logging
    Associated with individual driver channels. Logs details about the communications between the ClearSCADA Drivers and the remote devices.
  • Snapshots
    Periodically logs information about the current state of the system.

These are some of the logs generated by ClearSCADA's client components:

  • ViewX Head logs (like ViewX_Head1_001.log)
    Logs activity associated with ViewX.exe
  • DBClient logs (like DBClientNamed_ViewX_Head1_001.log)
    Logs database client activity for individual clients. DBClientNamed_ViewX_Head1 for example logs the the activity and communication between ViewX Head1 and DBServer.
  • DBODBC logs
    Logs ODBC client activity for individual clients between ODBC clients and DBServer.

This section contains details about various log files, their uses and tips on how they can be interpreted.