Geo SCADA Expert

Crystal ReportsTM is a third-party application that can be used in conjunction with ClearSCADA to produce professional reports that contain information obtained from the ClearSCADA database.

Crystal Reports is a powerful application that allows you to structure reports to your requirements. You can then generate and display your reports, print your reports out, or export your reports to a variety of formats and destinations. For instance, you might want to transfer your reports to disk, or export reports in Adobe AcrobatTM format and send them via e-mail to a system engineer or manager.

Use Crystal Reports to produce a 'snap-shot' of the data on your system. Use ClearSCADA displays such as Lists, Mimics, and Trend Graphs to access up-to-date 'live' data on your system.

Much of the structure and layout of a report is performed using the Crystal Reports application. As such, we advise that any reports or report templates are produced by engineers that have the appropriate experience or knowledge of the Crystal Reports application.