Geo SCADA Expert

This article is intended to guide the reader through creating a virtual machine from their physical computer by using VMware vCenter Converter.

1. Install program with default settings

2. If possible, create and/or provide us with the password for a Windows user with administrative privileges. We need this user info to login and edit any Windows settings that we may need to.

3. Upon starting the program you will be presented with this window

4. Select Convert Machine from the top left hand corner

5. After selecting Convert Machine the next screen appears. Make sure to configure it as shown, source is Powered-on machine and Local Machine

6. Hit Next and the next screen will be presented. Configure as shown for the Destination Type and VMware Workstation 7. You can name the machine whatever you wish and the location for the virtual machine should be pointed to an external drive that will be sent to us.

7. Hit Next and the next screen will be shown as below. As outlined, the Data To Copy section is of interest.

8. Click Edit on the right hand side of the Data To copy section to bring up the page shown below. We need to edit the Source Volumes section to remove any drives that do not pertain to the data we need. In the example below, Drive E contains no data which is required to run Windows or the ClearSCADA server so it can be safely omitted. This step is very important to minimize the size of the virtual machine image.

9. Once done, click Next and Finish which will start the process of converting your computer to a virtual machine.