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Page: Creating a 32 Bit ODBC DSN for ClearSCADA on 64 Bit OS
Problem A ClearSCADA DSN does not appear on the "Create New Connection" dialog box on 64bit OS within the Crystal Reports editing envrionment. Solution Create a 32bit DSN using the correct tool. The ODBC Data Source Administrator that can be accessed ...
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Page: Reading an Excel Spreadsheet using the ClearSCADA ODBC Driver
Description In order to connect CleasrSCADA to an Excel Spreadsheet, please use the following steps as your guide: # Create Spreadsheet with column headers and populate rows with appropriate text # Create ODBC SYSTEM DSN Connection to the Excel File # Create ClearSCADA ...
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Page: SQL Join Optimization
page describes in detail how the Query Processor's join optimisation algorithm works. It is intended to help people construct queries that can be optimised efficiently and won't be rejected. Knowledge of SQL, particularly joins, is assumed. Some knowledge of the mathematical concept of permutations ...
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Page: Supported Interface and Protocol Versions
Geo SCADA Expert / ClearSCADA supports a number of interfaces and protocols for transporting data into and out of the database depending on the needs of the user and the requirements of the software involved. The following tables lists the interfaces available and the versions supported. Where the  Version Support is blank ...
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