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Page: Accessing Data via SQL in Structured Text
structured text program you can define simple variables using %M, %I and %Q, however useful these are they are static. There is a more dynamic way of reading data from ClearSCADA to use in a structured text program that returns the data in the form of a "resultset ...
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Page: Logic Execution
logic engine is single threaded, this means that ClearSCADA can only run one logic program at a time. To protect logic programs from being affected by poorly written logic programs that cannot execute correctly ClearSCADA includes an instruction ...
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Page: SQL Join Optimization
page describes in detail how the Query Processor's join optimisation algorithm works. It is intended to help people construct queries that can be optimised efficiently and won't be rejected. Knowledge of SQL, particularly joins, is assumed. Some knowledge of the mathematical concept of permutations ...
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