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Page: Certificate Signing Requests and SSL Key Size
ClearSCADA provides a SSL Key (ClearSCADA.key) to generate Certificate Signing Requests to a third party Certificate Authority. The default key size is 512bits, however some authorities require different key sizes (for example, 1024, 2048 bits). ClearSCADA provides ...
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Page: Diagnosing Scripting Connection Errors
Errors with Scripting Are you having strange issues with scripting accessing data within ClearSCADA? Does it return a strange runtime error or just take a long time to initially execute? If so, please read this article to understand how the scripting gets ...
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Page: Disabling the SSL server Null cipher
Problem ClearSCADA uses a SSL server that supports a number of ciphers including the Null cipher (TLSRSAWITHNULLSHA and TLSRSAWITHNULLMD5). The Null ciphers are a 0bit SSL cipher which do not provide encryption for any connection using the cipher and, depending on the environment, could be the negotiated ...
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